I was born in Sanford, Florida, attended Central Florida public schools, started a small business and have been a local, state and national leader. 

I spent 32 years as an air traffic control professional. I have extensive teaching, training, budgeting and management experience. As a leader I coached staff to achieve organizational excellence. I maintained professional relationships with; various government agencies, industry representatives, customers and local and national elected officials.

I’ve lived in Tampa for over 37 years. I raised two children in Tampa, both attended Tampa public schools Palma Ceia United Methodist, Mabry, Coleman, and Plant.

Affordable Housing

Regardless of income, we can make housing more affordable for current citizens and the thousands of people moving to Tampa. The first step is to build more housing inventory. I’ll be a member of City Council who will creatively approach land use to increase affordability by rezoning, incentivize builders to include lower cost housing in their developments and increase density in appropriate areas.

I will look at ways to increase affordable housing, studio and display space to encourage a thriving artist community. 

Economic Opportunity

I want to make Tampa the most business-friendly city in the state, assisting local entrepreneurs so that they can achieve success. I will champion the expansion and improvement of transportation networks so all of Tampa’s neighborhoods will be interconnected, thereby cutting down on congestion, traffic and lost business.

Rather than be an obstacle, I will work with businesses that are willing to work with neighborhoods to help them achieve their goals. 

Transportation and Safety

I will work to ensure a safer Tampa. Safer streets for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists, expanded transit options to reduce vehicle traffic congestion, and safer neighborhoods and communities for our citizens. I will seek to enhance and expand community policing, so that our residents can build a network of trust with those protecting them day in and day out. I will work tirelessly to ensure our first responders have the tools and equipment to serve the citizens of Tampa. Our law enforcement and firefighting ranks have not grown with the population growth, resurces and people are stretched to thin, I will work to incresse their numbers and provide the resources they need to keep Tampa citizens safe.

Restoring Accountability and Trust

The citizens of Tampa deserve more from their government. We must change what is widely known as a problematic Council, For the last three years we have had front row seats for the complete dysfunction and drama that has plagued Tampa City Council.

Joe Citro had nearly four years to offer solutions and address the urgent needs of our city, but he’s failed. As a small business owner, community leader, parent, and 37-year resident of Tampa, I have met every challenge and obstacle in front of me with the goal to foster meaningful growth. My management and leadership skills and ability to get things done will bring people together, create positive change to the city, and bring bold leadership to City Council. I will represent all of the neighborhoods in our growing and diverse city.”

Joe Citro has spent more time grandstanding during meetings, attending ribbon cuttings and taking selfies than focused on what the voters elected him to do. Voters want solutions, not more drama. I will give voters a clear choice between someone who fosters dysfunction or someone that will put the drama aside to address the problems facing our city.