Unite Reform Win

Dear Florida Democrats,

One of the things I've learned, in over twenty years of service to the Democratic Party, is that when we work together as a team we can win elections but when we're divided we're certain to lose. It's time for the Florida Democratic Party to come together, united and determined, to start winning elections in this state. It's time to unify.

To do what's needed to win Florida in 2018 and 2020 will require a new level of collaboration. It will mean that we need to be willing to change how we operate and reform what doesn't work. It means making the FDP more inclusive, putting party politics and personal agendas aside, and being open-minded. It means moving beyond past disagreements, hitting the reset button, and focusing on the future.

By working together, we will lay the foundation for future Democratic victories in Florida. I'm excited to ask you to join our team!

The Florida Democratic Party needs to be a relevant force in Florida politics

It's important that the FDP, county parties, and caucuses stand behind our elected Democrats as they fight for the issues we care about and against Republican attacks on living wages, access to health care, equality, choice, public education and the environment.

It's time to enact broad reforms to bring the party into this century

As FDP Chair, I will work with party leaders, elected officials, activists, stakeholders and key constituency groups to modernize the FDP's bylaws and organizational structure.

Moving beyond past disagreements, and focus on tomorrow, not yesterday

The Florida Democratic Party does not belong to any individual, elected official, donor or party leader. It belongs to all of us. This is your party.