TAMPA, FL – Chuck Mohlke, Florida Democratic party political institution in his own right announced today his strong support for Alan Clendenin to lead the Florida Democratic Party.

“Chuck Mohlke has been an incredible mentor for me. There is no one in the state of Florida with the depth and institutional knowledge held by Chuck Mohlke and Dr. T. Wayne Bailey*. It is important a leader has an in depth knowledge of where the party has been (who, what, why and where), the current state of the party and has a vision for where the party needs to go. Chuck Mohlke’s insight and experience have prepared me to a lead our party from where we were to where we need to be.” –Alan Clendenin


Alan Clendenin has earned my support as an experienced, trusted, reliable, dedicated Democrat clearly capable of providing the leadership needed now by the Florida Democratic Party.  

As our next State Chair, he will bring years of uninterrupted involvement as a union bargaining agent, Hillsborough County fundraiser and state committeeman, and Democratic Party policy maker. 

For the last four years, I have served with Alan as a member of the Democratic National Committee and marveled at his willingness to take on new party-building responsibilities.  His chairmanship of the committee to construct and adopt our Party's platform for the 2012 election is a notable example of Alan taking on and completing a task benefiting all Florida Democrats. 

Because I know he will be open and honest in capturing the commitment of contributors and voters of all stripes to elect a Democratic Governor and Cabinet in 2014 as well as a full complement of Democratic congresspersons, legislators, and local officials throughout our state -- I support Alan unreservedly as having the commitment and skill required to be the next State Chair of the Florida Democratic Party. - Chuck Mohlke, Member of the Democratic National Committee - Florida

Democratic leaders through out the state have publicly announced their support for Mr. Clendenin.  The list includes: Congresswoman Kathy Castor, State of Florida former CFO Alex Sink, SenatorArthenia Joyner, Mayor Sandy Freedman, Mayor Bob Buckhorn, Clerk of the Circuit Court Pat FrankMike Williams, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Public Defender Julianne M. Holt, Rep. Victor Torres, Rep. Janet Cruz, Rep. Dwight Dudley, Rep. Darryl Rouson, Rep.Betty Reed, Rep. Janet Cruz, Rep. Carl Zimmermann, Rep. Dwight Dudley, Rep. Mark Danish, Commissioner Les Miller, Commissioner Kevin Beckner, Commissioner Janet Long, Councilwoman Yvonne Yolie Capin, Councilman Steve Kornell, Councilwoman Lisa J. Montelione, Councilman Mike Suarez, Councilman Harry Cohen, Councilwoman Gwen Miller, Councilman Bryan Caletka, Property Appraiser Bob Henriquez, Chair of the Hillsborough County School Board Chair April Griffin, Hillsborough County School Board Member Susan Valdez, Former Gubernatorial Nominee Bill McBrideChris Mitchell, Hillsborough County Chair, Diane Hart, Hillsborough County State Committeewoman, Mitch Mallett, Manatee County State Committeeman, Susie Copeland, Manatee County State Committeewoman, Michael Ledbetter, Pasco County State Committeeman, Mark Hanisee, Pinellas County Chair, Karen Hodgen, Pinellas County State Committeewoman, Charlene Hypes, Polk County Chair, Dean Hypes, Polk County State Committeeman, Ruth Ann Eaddy, Polk County State Committeewoman, The Democratic Business Caucus of Florida, The Democratic Veterans' Caucus of Florida, The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida, The Democratic Black Caucus of Florida, The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida.

I am grateful of the support of these state leaders and the thousands of DEC members, Democratic voters and my Tampa Bay neighbors who know me best. Join our team to Rebuild, Rebrand, and Recruit for a more inclusive the Florida Democratic Party. Stand with me and I will stand up for you, together we can change our party, together we can change our state.

*Dr. T. Wayne Bailey has not pledged his support to either candidate.