Last week I attended the ASDC and DNC meetings in Washington DC. It is good to be back home in the sunshine state. Like I told both of my kids when they were challenging teenagers, I still love you but I don’t like you so much today. Well I still love Washington DC but last week I fell out of love for a few days and I definitely didn’t like the below zero wind chill. A lesson learned, winter weary folks from the Northeast are not sympathetic to Floridians whining about how cold we are and they definitely don’t appreciate the Facebook posts of 80 degrees and sunshine in Tampa!

It has been a while since my last update (maybe overly cautious to not fill up your email inbox). There are a few activities happening in the next few weeks that you might be interested in.


This week Florida Democratic Party will meet in Orlando beginning Friday January 30 th.  


Last November, Chair Allison Tant announced the creation of on of the Leadership Expansion to Advance Democrats Task Force (LEAD). Allison tasked the committee to identify ways to retool and strengthen the Party, improve candidate recruitment, and improve field performance. The committee has been working for the last two months towards that goal. Friday will be our first opportunity to meet in person to brief members of our progress and set a course for the next couple of months. The Task force will discuss legislative races, candidate recruitment, and best practices for DECs, clubs, and caucuses. My good friend, Palm Beach County Chair, Terri Rizzo will be briefing the committee on DEC best practices and I will submit a report created by an amazing team of Club and Caucus subject matter experts, Annette Cappella, Marian Williams, and Joyce Blake.

Per the FDP bylaws, the State Chair shall propose and submit a budget annually to the Budget and Finance Committee and Central Committee for approval. The Florida Democratic Party’s 2015 Budget and Finance Committee Meeting will be held on Friday as well. Members of the committee are FDP Chair Allison Tant, First Vice Chair Alan Clendenin, Vice Chairs (appointed by the Chair) Cynthia Chestnut, Mike Clelland, Andrew Gillum, and Annette Taddeo, Treasurer Judy Mount, Secretary Jimmy Auffant, and Florida DNC members.  


State Executive Committee Meeting 
Special Leadership Meeting (State Caucus Presidents, DCCA Region Leaders, Standing and Select Committee Chairs) 
Campaign Committee Meeting 
Small County Coalition Meeting 
Veterans Caucus Meeting 


Hispanic Caucus Meeting 
Committee on Clubs, Organizations, and Caucuses 

Recently Chair Allison Tant announced some significant changes to the FDP staff, committee and leadership.

Newly appointed Vice Chairs Cynthia Chestnut, Mike Clelland, and Andrew Gillum

Annette Taddeo was re-appointed as a Vice Chair.

Former Vice Chair Rick Boylan was named Co-Chair of the Rules Committee (New Position)

Former Vice Chair Alison Morano was named Campaign Committee Chair (New Position)

Cedric McMinn-Chair, Affirmative Action Committee

Beth McMillen-Chair, Committee on clubs, Organizations and Caucuses (New Appointment)

Dave Dew-Chair, FOP Judicial Council (New Position)

Carlos Smith-Chair, Legislative Liaison Committee (New Appointment)

Nancy Jacobson-Chair, Select Committee on Rules Revision (New Appointment)

Dr. T. Wayne Bailey-Co-Chair, Rules Committee


The Democratic National Committee (DNC) Winter Meeting will be held February 19th-21st in Washington, DC at the Hyatt Regency Capitol Hill hotel. Prior to the DNC meeting, Allison Tant, Scott Arceneaux and I will be traveling to attend our upcoming Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) meeting on February 18th and 19 th. Our DNC team will join us on the 19th for the Winter DNC Meeting.

The DNC Winter Meeting will feature guest speakers and panels that will highlight expanding opportunity for all Americans and creating a level playing field to grow the Middle Class. It will also be our first opportunity to hear from our Victory Task Force the Chair created after the catastrophic November election cycle. We expect members of the committee will provide preliminary recommendations on how to strengthen the Democratic Party.

I am always perplexed why we seem to do winter meetings in DC and summer meetings in the desert. I am still thinking Tampa would be a much better location in February, guaranteed no snow! 



ASDC Meeting


ASDC Meeting 
Rural Council 
DNC Party Affairs Training 
Native American Council 
Youth Council 
Seniors Coordinating Council 
Executive Directors’ Meeting 
Small Business Council 
Vets & Military Families Council 
Ethnic Coordinating Council


Labor Council Meeting 
Standing Committee: Resolutions 
DNC General Session 1 
LGBT Caucus 
Eastern Caucus 
Western Caucus 
Midwestern Caucus 
Southern Caucus (Florida is a member of this Caucus) 
Asian Pacific Islander American Caucus 
Black Caucus 
Hispanic Caucus


Black History Month Breakfast 
DNC General Session 2


Earlier this week, Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz announced the that 2016 Democratic National Convention will be held the week of July 25, 2016. The Committee. My guess is we will know which of the three cities will be selected no later than our DNC meeting in February (maybe before). The three cities competing for the convention are Columbus, OH, New York City, Philadelphia, PA.


We are hot and heavy into Municipal elections in Florida. There is a Tampa City Council race in Tampa I would very much appreciate everyone taking a look at and helping us with. There is only one Democrat running in this non-partisan race, Guido Maniscalco www.guidofortampa.com.

Why is this race important?  His opponent is a Tea Party Republican raking in the cash from Republican Party establishment. Turn out in this district is going to be VERY low. With your help we can fight back this full frontal assault. If you live in the Tampa are please contact Bryan at 813-310-5378 and volunteer your time.  If you are not in Tampa please consider a small (ok large one are welcome ;-) donation to his campaign. You can contribute on his web site www.guidofortampa.com click the contribute button at the top of the page. 

The Honorable David A. Straz, Jr., The Honorable Alex Sink,
The Honorable Dick Greco, The Honorable Julianne Holt,  The Honorable Amanda Murphy, The Honorable Bob Henriquez,  The Honorable Kevin Beckner, The Honorable Mary MulhernCameron Dilley, Alan Clendenin, Mark Sena & Linda Saul-Sena,  Tom Hall, Albert A. Fox, Jr., Maryann Ferenc, Sam Shah,  Pat Kemp, Gary & Jane Gibbons, Mark Nash, Chris Arnoldi,  Andy Johnson & Bryan Farris
Cordially invite you to join them for a fundraiser in support of

Guido Maniscalco

Candidate for Tampa City Council, District 6
Thursday, February 12, 2015
Mise en Place, in the historic Lafayette Room 
442 W. Kennedy Blvd. 
Tampa, FL 33606
Suggested Contribution: $100 
Maximum Contribution: $1,000 
Please RSVP to Bryan at 813-310-5378

Political Advertisement paid for and approved by Guido Maniscalco, Non-Partisan, for Tampa City Council, District 6

Last week, the Association of State Democratic Chairs and the Democratic National Committee met for our Summer Meetings in Atlanta, Georgia. I don’t know if it was the fact Democrat and President Carter’s grandson State Senator Jason Carter is running ahead to be the next Governor of Georgia or if was Michelle Nunn looking like she might be the next Senator from Georgia or if it was just the face that Georgia Democrats are on fire, Atlanta Georgia was steaming HOT!
I know it has been a while but as promised, I wanted to wait until I had information that you didn’t see anywhere else.

Yesterday I flew home after attending the Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) meeting Annapolis, Maryland. This was my first time in Annapolis. Had it not been for my dear friend and one of the finest State Chairs in the country, Yvette Lewis, I don’t know if I would ever have visited this beautiful town. Yvette, in partnership with ASDC staff, planned and coordinated what can only be described as top notch three days of training, briefings and team building.

Mar 03 2014

DNC 2014 Winter Meeting Update

Washington DC

Last Wednesday Allison Tant, Scott Arcenaux and I traveled to DC to attend the Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) meeting in Washington DC

Feb 21 2014

DNC and FDP Update

February 21, 2014

Democratic National Committee

Allison Tant, Scott Arceneaux and I will be traveling to attend our upcoming ASDC meeting on February 26 th and will be joined on the 28th by our DNC team for the Winter DNC Meeting in Washington, D.C. Looks like it is going to be another cold snowy winter DNC meeting.

Aug 26 2013

UPDATE - DNC Fall Meeting

Scottsdale, Arizona

Demonstrating Democrats are ready, willing and able to compete in all 50 states, the Democrat National Committee Fall met last week in Scottsdale, Arizona. Addressing the choice to meet in Arizona, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, “…it’s not just the demographics that are making Arizona a more competitive state. Democrats are going to do well in the Grand Canyon state this year and beyond because we simply have an agenda that better resonates with Arizonans concerned about the health of the economy, who want immigration reform driven by common sense, and who believe in the virtues of having a thriving middle class.” I firmly believe we could substitute much of Florida in place of Arizona and the statement would ring just as true.

This weeks update includes:

  • President Obama: Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Oklahoma
  • President Obama Delivers Remarks on US Counterterrorism Efforts
  • President Obama and Vice President Biden Meet with DREAMers
  • President Obama Welcomes Myanmar President to the White House
  • Dr. Jill Biden Congratulates Graduates of Navajo Technical College
  • President Obama Addresses Graduates of Morehouse College
  • New DNC Web Video: Meet Virginia’s Extreme Dream Team

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Democratic National Committee Update.

President Obama in Boston: “Every one of us stands with you”
President Obama on Senate Vote to Block Expanded Background Checks for Gun Sales
President Obama Welcomes Wounded Warriors Taking Part in the “Soldier Ride”
Issues in the News:
Talking Points: Reducing Gun Violence

This weeks update includes:

Employment Situation in February

President Obama Signs the Violence Against Women Act

GOP Sequester Takes Effect, Local News Notices Effects on Communities Around the Country

President Obama Announces Nominations

Issues in the News

Talking Points: Employment Situation in February (3/4/13)

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