I know it has been a while but as promised, I wanted to wait until I had information that you didn’t see anywhere else.

Yesterday I flew home after attending the Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) meeting Annapolis, Maryland. This was my first time in Annapolis. Had it not been for my dear friend and one of the finest State Chairs in the country, Yvette Lewis, I don’t know if I would ever have visited this beautiful town. Yvette, in partnership with ASDC staff, planned and coordinated what can only be described as top notch three days of training, briefings and team building.

Mar 03 2014

DNC 2014 Winter Meeting Update

Washington DC

Last Wednesday Allison Tant, Scott Arcenaux and I traveled to DC to attend the Association of State Democratic Chairs (ASDC) meeting in Washington DC

Feb 21 2014

DNC and FDP Update

February 21, 2014

Democratic National Committee

Allison Tant, Scott Arceneaux and I will be traveling to attend our upcoming ASDC meeting on February 26 th and will be joined on the 28th by our DNC team for the Winter DNC Meeting in Washington, D.C. Looks like it is going to be another cold snowy winter DNC meeting.

Aug 26 2013

UPDATE - DNC Fall Meeting

Scottsdale, Arizona

Demonstrating Democrats are ready, willing and able to compete in all 50 states, the Democrat National Committee Fall met last week in Scottsdale, Arizona. Addressing the choice to meet in Arizona, DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, “…it’s not just the demographics that are making Arizona a more competitive state. Democrats are going to do well in the Grand Canyon state this year and beyond because we simply have an agenda that better resonates with Arizonans concerned about the health of the economy, who want immigration reform driven by common sense, and who believe in the virtues of having a thriving middle class.” I firmly believe we could substitute much of Florida in place of Arizona and the statement would ring just as true.

This weeks update includes:

  • President Obama: Our Thoughts and Prayers are with Oklahoma
  • President Obama Delivers Remarks on US Counterterrorism Efforts
  • President Obama and Vice President Biden Meet with DREAMers
  • President Obama Welcomes Myanmar President to the White House
  • Dr. Jill Biden Congratulates Graduates of Navajo Technical College
  • President Obama Addresses Graduates of Morehouse College
  • New DNC Web Video: Meet Virginia’s Extreme Dream Team

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Democratic National Committee Update.

President Obama in Boston: “Every one of us stands with you”
President Obama on Senate Vote to Block Expanded Background Checks for Gun Sales
President Obama Welcomes Wounded Warriors Taking Part in the “Soldier Ride”
Issues in the News:
Talking Points: Reducing Gun Violence

This weeks update includes:

Employment Situation in February

President Obama Signs the Violence Against Women Act

GOP Sequester Takes Effect, Local News Notices Effects on Communities Around the Country

President Obama Announces Nominations

Issues in the News

Talking Points: Employment Situation in February (3/4/13)

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This weeks update includes:

Working to Stop the #GOPSequester

House of Representatives Reauthorizes the Violence Against Women Act

Rosa Parks Statue Unveiled in U.S. Capitol

First Lady Michelle Obama Kicks Off “Let’s Move” Tour

Celebrating Women’s History Month

Issues in the News 

Talking Points: Sequester

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Click here to read the February 22, 2013 DNC weekly update featuring:

  • Working to Stop the Sequester

Watch our video here

  • President Obama Speaks on Avoiding the Sequester

Watch the President’s remarks on the sequester here.

  • Vice President Biden Addresses Gun Safety Conference

  • Vice President Biden Presents Medals of Valor to Public Safety Officers

Democrats in the State of Florida have been seeking significant change in the Florida Democratic Party for some time. Over the last twenty two years, Democrats have gone from controlling the Florida House of Representative and Florida Senate to being weak minorities in both. And in a state in which the Democratic candidate for president has won three (really four) of the last five elections, the Florida Democratic Party continues to slide.