Jan 19 2013

Facts are Facts


On Monday, January 21st, we will be celebrating both the birth of

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., one of the nation's strongest advocates for justice and human rights, and the inauguration of President Barack Obama, a man who is working tirelessly to build a more perfect union for our children and our children's children.

Inspired by these men, and the hundreds of men and women who are the backbone of the Florida Democratic Party, I put my hat in the ring to become the next Chairman.

I expected to travel the state presenting my vision and my qualifications, and I also expected to compete on the merits with anyone else who might be running for this position.

What I didn't expect was to find Democratic leaders in our own party practicing a campaign of disinformation, misinformation, and fear mongering that reminds me of the "Swift Boat" attacks that Republican groups launched against Senator John Kerry in 2004.

Facts are facts, or as one of my favorite Presidents Bill Clinton recently said during our convention. “I came from a place where people still thought two and two was four. It’s arithmetic.”

I am very proud of who I am, my accomplishments, and my record.  So let's get a few things straight, once and for all: 



Lie – Alan will direct all party resources to Senator Nan Rich’s gubernatorial primary campaign.

Lie – Alan will direct all party resources to CFO Alex Sink’s (rumored) gubernatorial primary campaign.

Lie – Alan will direct all party resources to Gov. Charlie Crist (rumored) gubernatorial primary campaign.

FACT –I will not allow the Democratic Party to pick favorites in a Democratic primary. I respect our Democratic candidates too much to tilt the table towards or away from any one of them. 1


Lie  Alan will not support Charlie Crist for Governor.

FACT – I am a Democrat.  I will support the choice of Democratic voters in our primary. I enjoy a respectful relationship with all three of the above-mentioned potential nominees. As Chair I will ensure our party is ready, willing and able to support the voters choice. 2

Lie – Alan will fire the <insert any one of many names> staff if he is elected.

FACT – I have not stated nor do I have any intention to ‘Fire’ staff. 3

Lie – Alan is opposed to marriage equality

FACT – I support marriage equality2

Lie – Alan said that he wouldn't " serve under a woman"

FACT – As a son and a father of two strong independent women, This one is so outrageous I don’t know what to say about it. Really?  It is 2013 not 1913 . 2

Lie – Alan said that he "burn the house down if I don't get this job"

FACT – Two years ago I stepped aside when asked because I was convinced it was the right thing to do for our party. I didn’t cut a deal and I didn’t burn the house down I just stepped aside and kept doing what I do.  I have always been, I am, and will continue to be a loyal Democrat. I am running to lead the party because we need to change our trajectory. My type of change does not involve matches or flames; it involves training and empowering our activists. 8

Lie – Alan has paid the authors of the Political Hurricane blog and paid for an ad on their site in exchange for their support.

FACT – I did not pay the Political Hurricane Blog for an ad or their support. 4


Lie – If Alan is elected he will fire <insert name here> and he will hire <insert a number of names here> to replace him/her.

FACT – I have not promised a job or position to anyone.

Lie – Alan is not grassroots. He doesn’t do the work.

FACT – I am a proven grassroots organizer and team member. I walk precincts, stand at polls, help organize events and just about anything else our party or candidates ask me to do.

Lie – Clendenin is a puppet of “Big Sugar” 5


FACT – I am not a puppet of anyone or any organization. Not ‘Big Sugar’ or any individual. I have never solicited or received a donation for or from anyone associated with ‘Big Sugar’. I do not owe anyone anything.

Lie – Alan Clendenin does not have fundraising experience

FACT – As National Chair of the air traffic controller’s legislative team I led the team effort to build the PAC.6

Lie – During Alan’s term he did not grow the PAC by 900%.  

FACT – Under my leadership the PAC grew 900%. When I became chair the PAC brought in less than $200,000/cycle when I left the PAC was bringing in 2 million dollars a cycle. That is 900% according to my calculator. (During my term the PAC raised over 4 million dollars.) 7

1 - This is not just a personal value, I committed to this during a presentation on December 5, 2013 at a meeting called by the Orange County State Committeeman and attended by many party leaders.

2 – Progressive Voices You Should Know Interview

3 - In July I spoke with Scott Arceneaux about this rumor. Subsequent to this discussion I have personally called Rod Smith, Scott Arceneaux and I spoke with two other concerned members of our staff in an attempt to stop this rumor. As recently as December 17, 2012 I reconfirmed this commitment verbally with Scott Arceneaux.

4 - The Political Hurricane Statement Regarding Our Position in the FDP Chairs Race

5 - Progressive Dems United

6 - National Air Traffic Controllers Association Constitution

National Legislative Committee Charter (10/97)

The NATCA National Legislative Committee, hereafter referred to as the Committee, will seek to advance the status, professionalism, benefits & working conditions of all air traffic controllers and other safety related employees through political action. The Committee shall assist the President, Executive Vice President and National Executive Board in defining the roles and responsibilities of the National Legislative Affairs Department. The Committee shall be the focal point for all grassroots legislative activity in the United States. By working closely with the National Legislative Affairs Department, the Committee shall serve as a resource to the membership, National Office and National Executive Board. The Committee shall coordinate grassroots efforts on national issues as directed by the National President and Legislative Affairs Department. The Committee shall identify the legislative training needs of the membership and take steps to ensure that adequate training programs are developed. The Committee shall promote the growth of NATCA PAC through member education and ongoing efforts to solicit new PAC members and increase contributions. The members of the Committee shall make recommendations to the National Legislative Affairs Department on the distribution of PAC funds.

The Committee shall receive guidance from the National President, Executive Vice President and the National Legislative Affairs Department. The Committee, through the Chairperson or his/her designee, shall brief the National Executive Board on Committee activities, including Lobby Week and other national legislative training, strategy for promoting grassroots activism, and annual goals of the committee. There shall be at least four meetings of the Committee during the calendar year, or as deemed appropriate by the National President and/or the Committee Chair.

7 - National Air Traffic Controllers Association 2003 Annual Report


PAC reached record amount of $2.3 million for the election cycle.

8 – Press Release issued November 24, 2010

- Hillsborough State Committeeman and DNC member Alan Clendenin said, “The Florida Democratic Party has never, and will never be about any one individual. This election is about doing what is best for our Party and our state. Rod Smith embraced many of the reforms I proposed. He is a proven leader, committed to reorganize and rebuild the Florida Democratic Party. I fully support his candidacy and I urge all Florida Democrats to unite behind him.


Award 5