I raised both my son and daughter in Hillsborough County and they attended public schools. I worked for 30 years as an air traffic controller and now it's time for me to give back to my community. Strengthening public education is how we can better prepare the next generation to transition from the classroom to the workplace. As a parent, I have a passion for our schools and public education. I will bring this passion, along with common sense, hard work, and collaboration to work every day to find the solutions to the challenges we face.

I will bring to the board the ability to make tough decisions, to ask the right questions and to spend tax dollars wisely. My years of handling critical situations as an air traffic controller, of inspiring teamwork and collaboration in a complex environment, and applying good management techniques have uniquely prepared me for this challenge.

My life experience of growing up in Florida, raising my children to become successful adults and being engaged with our public schools and city, county, and state governments gives me insight into our failures and where opportunity for success lies. If we are failing one child, we are failing too many.

Every child deserves an opportunity for a good education, but each child in our schools is unique, we have to recognize a good education is not just one track; a good education might mean preparing for technical schools and trades for some and college for others. Our schools must prepare all our students to enter the workforce with the needed skills to succeed. Succeed not only in the workplace, but succeed in our community. I know the solution to our challenges is with our families, teachers, and in our classrooms, not in the bureaucracy of downtown government or in the chambers of Tallahassee.

The innovations and solutions we need are here in our community. We'll find these innovations and solutions by listening and working collaboratively with our teachers and principals, our business community, our civic and spiritual leaders and our PTA/PTSAs.